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The importance of a business card

A question we hear a lot is “Do I really still need a business card?” as some people feel they are a little dated and old-school but as the saying goes ‘sometimes the old ways are the best’ and we agree, we think business cards are still (and always will be) and essential tool for any business and here’s why…

1. Personal Touch
Business cards not only help to establish your brand and make it more identifiable, but they also show your personality too. The more creative or aesthetically pleasing your business card, the more likely it is to get shared or stick in someone’s mind (allowing it to continue marketing your business) and so the higher the chance of referrals.

2. Convenient
Handing over a business card is the most simple way of providing contact information as it allows you to give the exact information you want others to receive i.e. personal or business telephone number, email address etc. and it means you’re able to make a genuine connections whilst doing so, as opposed to providing your contact details digitally which is a lot more impersonal. However, for the people that are still keen to stay digital, there are business card readers available that enable you to scan a card and send the information directly into your contacts!

3. Direct Marketing / Networking Tool
Whilst there are several different marketing methods such as email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media advertising etc, business cards are still the most effective, due to personal meeting that comes with the card exchange.

Also, a lot of round the table networking events include passing round your business cards, therefore, turning up to an event empty handed could mean missing out on a potential business opportunity.

4. Shows You’re Prepared
Having a business card not only shows you’re more prepared and professional (rather than having to say to a potential client / business partner “my number is ….”) but it also shows your business is legitimate and trustworthy. If you met two people at a networking event from the same industry, who would you trust more; the person with a good quality, professional looking business card or the personal who verbally tells you their contact details and hopes that you remember them or makes you input them into your phone?

5. Low Cost
The cost of business cards is dependent on the style you desire and the quantity you require, but whatever you choose they’re always going to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. So even if you’re a small or start up business with a tight budget, business cards are an affordable yet extremely effective option for you. However, no matter the size of your business, or the industry, business cards are absolutely essential.

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